Our story

Our story

Do you feel like your furry friends deserve to have a joyful and healthy life every day? You are not alone! At Pawsome Naturals, we are dedicated to making every day a celebration for our four-legged companions. Let me introduce myself - I'm Ravinder, a qualified nutritionist and dietitian with a love for everything furry and fabulous.


After years of working in hospitals and private practices, I decided to pursue my passion for complementary medicines and werite about health in Australia.


You might be wondering, what led me to this journey of promoting holistic health for our beloved pets? It all started when I tried some supplements to improve my dog's health. The results were nothing short of amazing! 🐶💪 After witnessing the incredible benefits of holistic health for my own dogs, I felt compelled to share my newfound knowledge with pet parents throughout Australia. Enter Pawsome Naturals …


We offer soothing supplements, and everything your furry companions need to thrive and wag their tails with joy. With over ten years of experience in holistic health, you can trust that every product we offer is backed by expert knowledge, science and love.


Whether you're looking to boost your pup's energy levels, soothe their achy joints, or spoil them rotten with some tasty treats, Pawsome Naturals has got you covered. Because our pets deserve nothing but the best! Join us on this tail-wagging adventure as we celebrate love, health, and happiness for our furry family members. They truly deserve it!

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